Amane Muto - A Character Description

Basically a description of a character that I made years ago, was one of my first in fact, but this character I hold close to my heart.

Amane was born to the Muto family in the Muto Domain in Japan, she was brought up to be a fighter, she learnt the way of the sword all the way through her teenage life, her Sensei was an amazing swordsman, he was a warrior who had fought off several attackers, he was their best warrior. Amane learnt everything she knew off him.

Amane's father started to become abusive towards her in major ways as she grew older, she took it until one day that she decided enough was enough, she waiting in her fathers bedroom in the dark of the shadows, as he entered she sliced his head clean off his shoulders, she ran. Her Sensei found the head of her father laying open eyed on the floor of his own bedroom, there was a hunt put on for his killer, little did they know it was his own daughter that severed his head from the rest of his body. She had managed to escape from getting caught. 

One night she gathered all her things, running far away from her home, she wondered into enemy territory and ended up getting injured, but a kind old woman that was passing took her home and nursed her back to health, she had no way to repay her kindness but to find her son who had been kidnapped, she set off. She finally found her son, she travelled with him back to his mother, she slowly fell in love with him, but she had to seperate from them, and carried on travelling.

The End

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