Title of Book: Hamlet

Ending summary: It's one of those books where everyone except the bad guy dies and the bad guy wins... hate those.

My ending: Hamlet: I entreat you fair Laertes let us end this feud and turn our attention to other matters.

Laertes: I see that thou hast done me no wrong, and that truly thou hast loved my sister. The duel is off. Pray tell, to what matters of importance wouldst thou be referring to?

Hamlet: Young Fortinbras. He makes his march on Poland but I fear there are other stops to his journey, and also I would deal with my usurping uncle.

Laertes: I believe that I may have a way to turn his fortunes to sorrow. We sought to poison you with first a prick of my blade and shouldst that fail, the drink from a cup. The poison on my blade is enough to kill a man in less than half an hour. I will bring him a cup of wine prepared before his eyes and stir it with my sword therefore contaminating it. As far as Fortinbras, we might yet alert his uncle whom even now is on his way to discuss certain matters with the king.

Hamlet: Good. When old norway arrives I will treat with him. Go thou and deal with my uncle and approach me when the deed is done.

Scene 2: Claudius: So young laertes, I take it by your appearance the duel went favorably?

Laertes: Yes my lord. Look I hath brought wine in celebration, and I shall stir it with my blade which even now still glistens with Hamlet's blood.

Claudius: <Drinks from the cup> Laertes what trickery is this? I-I am hurt in mine heart... it doth hasten and won't let up... I.. I am... slain...

Scene 3: Norway: Well Hamlet I thank you for thine warning as to the actions of my nephew. As the elder ruler of Norway the troops still answer to mine call foremost. I shall wait until they arrive and turn the troops upon my twice deceitful son.

Fortinbras' call is heard

Norway: I say my nephew why hath thou twice crossed my will with thine? You are young and impetuos and such must not be in command of so great a nation as our's or of Denmark. Troops deal with this traitorous bastard.

Fortinbras Dies

Horatio: My lord! Claudius is dead!

Hamlet: Yes I thank thee Horatio but all has happened according to my design.I now shall take the throne of Denmark and appoint thee and young Laertes as my advisors, in whose counsel I shall not ere.


Yes. I know much less climatic but this thread exists to assuage my boredom... I am waiting to post in my collabs... so don;t judge lol :D

The End

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