Esmerelda - Destructive SolitudeMature

" Goodnight, Esme."

 "Goodnight, mum and dad, sleep well."

When I woke I realised at once that something was wrong. The first scent which usually fills my nostrils as I resurface from a dreamless sleep is my mum's perfume, followed by the cheap and cheerful aroma of her shampoo. The first sound, a warm "Good morning," pours from my mum's lips. I normally wake swathed in happiness with the promise of a glorious day. Today, there was no motherly scent, no "Good morning," poured out like sweet honey, and no promises. I looked over at the clock.


I pulled myself up from my crumpled crimson pillow and swung my legs out from under the duvet. I stood up, feeling empty, and wandered through the silent house to shower. The water provided my ears with some sound to concentrate on. Drying my hair with a small towel, I wandered back to my room and looked out of my window. It was deathly silent. I began to feel very afraid, worrying that someone was playing a sick and twisted game with me. My heart burned in my throat as I continued to slip into my worry. There were no sounds to snap me back.

 I found myself creeping around my room and, toying with the idea that school may be cancelled, took my favourite tartan skirt from the wardrobe and laid it on my bed, then found my 'Paramore' emblazoned shirt on the back of my chair. From under my bed I found my red converse, my pride and joy, before drying my dark pixie cut, encouraging it to be spikier than normal, and dragged a little liquid eyeliner over the base of my eyelids. I quickly attacked my eylashes with my mascara and finally swept my deep purple lip gloss across my petite mouth. When I was satisfied with my appearance, I went to my parent's room to see if they were still in bed. The room was cold, empty, and the bed neatly made. My heart leapt to my throat.

"I need to find my parents. But where do I begin?"

I hurried back to my room, picked up my black shoulder bag and shoved my mobile, purse and keys into it, followed by my luminescent green iPod as a source of angsty comfort. I found a couple of cereal bars in the kitchen, so I forced them into my bag too. Tightening my shoelaces, and examining my appearance for the last time, I left the house, locking the door behind me.

"I am going to find my parents. Even if it kills me."

The End

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