Ronan: ActionMature

I felt universally awkward as these two strangers began embracing in a hug. They eventually stopped when Oscar barked. We all watched as he run across the empty road after a cat. The cat ran inside but Oscar followed through the catflap

"That poor cat!" Cyd cried "We've gotta save it"

Our trio ran towards the house that had belonged to Mr. Whitehall. His cat was always causing trouble and his baby was always crying...but not anymore. I may never hear that baby cry again

The door was open convincing me further that everyone had suddenly dissapeared. Inside was a messy hall after a conflict between canine and feline. We found my livid pet scratching at the fridge where the cat was perched on top

"At least we can get some food" I sighed opening the fridge "and other essentials"

Whilst my two companions collected food and cutlery I went home to collect my belongings. This was my new new hard life

"There may be more people" I announced when I returned to Mr. Whitehalls "we need to search the city"

The End

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