Cyd: TrioMature

I called the last person on my phone's contact list. My ex. The last person I wanted to see at the moment, but it would still be someone. The phone rang and rang, just like all the others. Then:

"Hello? Hello!?" Came his voice. Him, Blake, my ex-boyfriend, ex-best friend. He was still alive!

"Hello!" I cried, almost in tears from joy. 

"Cyd? Oh my god, Cyd. Is it just us? My parents are gone, and my sister! All that’s left is me and my hamster for Christ's sake." He was obviously shaken, but as always, bad tempered in the face of fear. 

"My parents have disappeared too.. Everyone has.. Except you of course.." I started. 

That was when the boy walked around the corner. I stared at him. He was a total stranger, but he was someone. I wanted to hug him, I was so glad to see him. Stuck alone with Blake? Not my ideal fantasy. Maybe once. But certainly not now. 

"Another.." We said in unison. 

"Another? Another what? God's sake Cyd, answer me!" Came Blake's ever-irritable voice. 

"Blake. Another. Another person." I said, not quite believing it. "Come to the corner of my street and yours. Pack a rucksack with essentials. Bye." I hung up. 

"H-h-hi." I said, shyly. "Um, I'm Cyd, and the person on the phone was Blake. My ex. It figures I'd get stuck with the one person I least want to see." I stopped, realising I was babbling nervously.

"Ronan." The boy said with a smile. At that moment, Blake rushed into view, a heavy-looking rucksack on his back.  Suddenly, he dropped his rucksack on the pavement and rushed at me, pulling me into one of his bear hugs, just like the old days, murmuring the last thing I would have expected to hear from his lips:

"I am SO glad to see you."

The End

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