Ronan: AnotherMature

I sniffled sucking in much needed courage. I stared at my empty street through wet eyes as my dog wimpered in woe. He had always loved my brother much more for we bought the dog when I was a baby so never walked her until later on. Everyday without fail my brother came back for the dog he adored to walk it and give it affection.

Now we were alone. My house was empty except for the reminders that they had been here. The hairdryer for example,  was still roaring warm air when I found it. t was as though my mum had vanished whilst using it.

They could not have left on their own accord...why would they leave me behind. Why?

I jumped as sound re-entered my neglected world. I heard a tune...catchy but extremely annoying. It was a mobile phone ringing...but that meant somebody had to be ringing the phone. Somebody was out there

"Hello" screamed a hysterical sigh....two people! Two more people were out there. I rushed outside into the leaf covered streets with my Cocker Spaniel following loyally behind.

"My parents have dissapeared too...everyone has...except for you of course...." the person on the phone was stood in the middle of the street staring with an open mouth at me

Simultaneously we both gasped "another"

The End

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