Well, I thought, At least this probably means there’s no school. I smiled, trying to be cheerful, trying to act like this would all work itself out. All the people from my street would come back, and things would resume as if none of this weirdness had happened. Even as I thought it, I knew that none of that was going to happen. I could only pray that I wasn’t the only survivor, that there were others like me. Looking properly at the road for the first time, I realized there were a few crashed cars, their bonnets squashed into a concertina, their windscreens cracked. I gulped for what seemed like the millionth time.

 Heading back inside, I dumped my school bag and ran upstairs. I stripped off and tried the shower. Thankfully it still worked. After a long soak, I felt a little less creeped out, but the lack of noise still gave me the jitters. I looked at myself in the fogged up mirror. My dark eyes were wide with shock and fear, my nostrils at the end of my long nose flaring every few seconds as I took in scared breaths. The corners of my wide, full-lipped mouth were turned down in a scared frown. My wet hair stuck to my face, ever thick and even darker than ever when wet. I plugged in the blow dryer and turned it on, giving a sigh of relief when the old thing whirred into life.

  I dried my hair, pulled on my underwear, a sturdy pair of jeans, a thick t-shirt and a zip-up hoodie and then found my largest rucksack and filled it with essentials. Two changes of clothes, pens, a pad of paper, and my phone – not that I would be needing it – along with some hygiene basics and all the tinned food I could find in the kitchen. I also packed some survival essentials like my dad’s swiss-army knife, since it had so many attachments, matches and a spoon, fork and knife. Then to the bottom I strapped a sleeping bag. I made sure all my t-shirts could be layered in winter and that I had thick tights to wear under jeans in winter. It was already October, and getting kinda cold.

 I hefted the rucksack. It was heavy, but I was strong, for a girl, as my brothers would have said. I sighed. I didn’t believe it, but I even missed my obnoxious brothers. I would have given anything for either one of them to be here right now. We would probably argue, but atleast it would be some company, someone to talk to, someone to break the never-ending silence. I headed toward the door. Then, as a last thought, just in case they came back and discovered I was gone, I wrote a hasty note:

 Mum, Dad, Harley, Joey and Leia.

 You guys have all disappeared, but just in case you ever come back, I’ve gone to find some other people. Find help. I hope its just our street that’s empty, but if it isn’t… There must be at least one other survivor… whatever happened last night couldn’t have happened to everyone. I mean, it didn’t happen to me…

 Well, I love you guys, wherever you are.

 Cydney xxx


The End

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