Alone TogetherMature

A story about a group of teenagers who wake up one day to find that everyone else has vanished.


I rolled over, hitting in the vague direction of the alarm. 

"Five more minutes.." I muttered as my arm sailed through empty air. I took another whack. "OW OW OW!!" I yelled as my arm crashed into the table. Sitting up, I rubbed my hand, scowling. It was a friday, and I was glad for the weekend, but I absolutely hated the lessons I had on a friday. Double Games, double science, maths, r.e. Ugh. I Picked  a crumpled school shirt from where it lay on the floor and pulled it on over the bra and pants I'd worn to bed. I'd been so tired I hadn't been bothered to get into my pyjamas, I had just stripped down to my underwear and hit the hay, asleep before my head hit the pillow. I found some tights under my bed and pulled them on. There was a ladder down the back but I couldn't bring myself to care. Groaning, I stumbled around the room looking for my skirt. I wished I hadn't left that history essay until the last day.. 

"Aha!" I cried, spying my skirt crumpled in a ball under my desk. As I grabbed it and pulled it on, something dawned on me. 

The house was silent. 

No sound of my little brother watching the telly, or my older brother in the shower. No sound of my baby sister grizzling, no sound of my mum cooing to soothe her. Not even the sound of my dad's snores as he slept in. I wandered around the house. All their beds were still made, but there were head-shaped dents in the pillows, like they had crept out of their beds without disturbing the covers, or made their beds without bothering to plump-up the pillows. My brothers, yes. My mum.. not in a million years. And there was no sign of my dad. He should still be in bed.. 

I wandered down the stairs. The curtains were still drawn, all the doors still shut. Thats when I realised. It wasn't just my house that was silent, it was all the neighbouring houses. Our house shared a wall with both the houses next to us. There was no sound of elderly Mrs. Lund's chair lift as it whirred down the stairs. No sound of the rebellious teenagers on the other side playing their heavy metal full blast. No sign of their single mother yelling at them to turn it down, no sign of their untameable dog yowling along with the music. Not even any sound of the traffic down our busy street. I gulped.

I grabbed some bread and ate it without toasting it or even bothering with butter, not that this was unusual. I ran upstairs, grabbing my school tie, jumper and my bag. I fixed my tie and then yanked my jumper over my head.  Checking that I had all my books, I slid on my shoes and headed out, grabbing a house key from the hook as I passed it in the hall. Sure enough, there were no cars on the street, no buses stopping to pick up school pupils and business men. I looked slowly to the left, then right. I blinked. Nothing. No-one. No cars ,no bikes, no, nothing. 

This was really beginning to freak me out. 

Where was everyone?

The End

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