A Grand Finale

A man in the stand turned to the woman by his side. “Doesn’t she look exactly like Pippa North, the young athlete that died four years ago?’

The woman didn‘t turn but when she replied her voice was full of unimaginable sorrow. ‘They were sisters’ she replied sadly ‘Twins.

The man stared at her for a moment, taking in her blond hair and blue eyes, understanding dawned in his eyes ‘Your daughters?’

She nodded sadly. ‘Sarah has pushed herself too hard since Pippa died. I’m hoping that after this she’ll rest for….’

She was cut short by a frightened scream and her heart froze in terror as she turned to look at her youngest child.


She smiled and jumped up and down as she waved her hat above her head. ‘For you Pip’ she murmured joyfully.

Then a sharp pain seared through her and she staggered forwards clutching her chest…..

The End

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