All For Pippa

A story I wrote a few years ago with a little twist at the end.


Her last thought before the water closed over her was:

‘Did I do the right thing?’

Then there was only darkness as her eyes closed and she plunged down into the depths of the cleansing waters.

Then in the darkness, clips of her life replayed in her head and she cried a silent tear that mixed unnoticed with the water all around her….

She stood on the soft spring grass and looked around at everyone, they were all crowded around a small but beautifully decorated grave. Silently she moved unnoticed in the weeping crowd and pushed her way to the front. Looking down at the ornate marble headstone her heart twisted painfully as she read the words delicately engraved upon the surface.

Here lies

Phillipa North (Pippa)

Beloved Daughter, Sister and Friend,

1987-  2006

'Now she runs with the wild Angels'

The memory changed as she sank deeper beneath the surface.

The End

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