Blue and Red

Red felt as if she was in the middle of a locust swarm; constant beat of wings, hum of breath and movement. She had to fly shallowly, meaning her wings were half hunched to fit in the middle, with her sister Blue beside her. She looked down her right wing at Blue, at her gray feathers and gold beak. Her sister glanced at her, then they flew on.
She felt an owl fly above her, and she hissed as Kpala buffeted her in the face. She hated Kpala. Sometimes she could just claw at her eyes, rip out those emotionless pits. But she was younger, and the only time she ever attacked Kpala, was the day she clawed Blue.
White light blinded her as she flew. The moon so bright in the sky, made the ground look like snow. Red slowed her wingbeats and waited for the owls to disperse like an anthill kicked. Cherry dived and she watched her stretch out her talons and grab something. The others were disappearing into the light.
Red heard a screech, and she saw Kpala falling towards the ground. Her instincts told her to rush after, but she held herself back. She glowered and followed Blue. The ground was a dangerous place for an owl, and thats where she would leave Kpala.

The End

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