Alder is a black barn owl. He lives in Night Caper, with a group of other owls alike called the Fire Wings. (*not related in any way to Guardians of Ga'Hoole*)

His feathers were like black pastel, drawn on with flecks of white, almost giving him an opaque look. The barn owl swiveled his head to the side and stared with round, dark eyes. The moon lit up his face, giving the orange feathers around his hooked beak the look of tongues of flame.
He was young, for an owl. Not an owlet, to say, but still fresh to the wing. He blinked slow, then stretched out his wings and hesitated a moment. Whats holding you back? He thought to himself. He dug his talons deeper into the bark, feeling it vex his scaly foot. An itch crept through his feathers.
Go, Alder! He was screeching inside, but his gizzard went hard as a rock, and he fell back as a rush of feather exploded in front of him, and the owls rose to the skies. He barely caught himself on the branch below, whipping his wings around and beating them to steady himself and glide for a safe landing. Kpala glanced at him. He shivered at the never drowning hatred in her eyes.
What he saw in the owls eyes was like nothing any of them had experianced before. It was cold, hard, and painful. There was no colour or vibrance in her glare, just blackness that fell on and on. He averted his gaze, then looked at the other owls disappearing for the horison. Sickness knawed at his stomach, and he turned away. He would return to his lodge tonight, and miss out on the hunt. 

The End

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