Jonah Way looked around nervously. He didn't deserve to be in here with these criminals. Technically, he was a criminal too. But these men had been hardened by cruel intent. He, on the other hand, had never wanted to be a murderer. It was just that he had to kill those people. They just didn't understand, although he didn't quite know why either. All he knew was that if those people hadn't been killed something terrible would have happened. He was just resigned to this fate, to keep the world in balance.

He wasn't proud of what he had done, and every day he was plagued by the guilt of what he had done. But he knew it had to be done. At least, he had thought he had known. The psychiatrist had told him it was all in his head. Jonah constantly tried to convince himself of that. But it was a battle with himself he wasn't sure he was winning.

 He didn't think he should to be in prison. It wasn't the right place for a man like him. He could feel the remains of his already fractured sanity getting gnawed away. The area surrounding him reeked with the suffocating feeling of hopelessness. He realized that he couldn't survive here. I have to get out of here, he thought. I just have to get out.

The End

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