Joseph Forseti wasn't scared easily, but something about Alcatraz 2.0 seemed slightly unsettling. The men, shackled and shaking, weren't intimidating to him in the least; it was more likely the Captain that led them out of the holding room. From the first time he spoke, Joseph could tell that this man would make Alcatraz less homey than the prisons he had been transferred in and out of for five years now.

"C'mon, men!" The Captain shouted. "I don't have all day!"

Captain Shepherd's obvious control only increased his thirst for power. Fortunately, Joseph was known for his skills in deception. Infamous for pleading guilty to every single murder case he was accused of (as well as a few for treason) and still managing to squirm out of the death sentence, his mind games would either allow him to gain what Captain Shepherd had or - even better - to escape from the place as a whole.

As he fumbled with the lock on his shackles, Joseph watched a man stumble through the dark, almost directly in front of him. He could tell he was only trouble. An arrogant guy like this would be an easy target if he ever grew bored of the prison.

"Hey, you!" Joseph called, aching to start at least a little brawl.

The man turned to look at him as he continued to follow the Captain. "Me?"

Just as he was about to speak, Joseph saw what he hadn't noticed before. This man was just as angered as he was and just as determined to get out.

"Never mind," he said, smirking just enough to annoy the man a little. "Just thought I knew you."

It was better to stay on his good side, after all, and to have a useful man as a possible ally.

The End

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