The Warden

Jack found himself in a dark room, surrounded by the other prisoners that had marched in with him. They were still shackled together, and Jack could hear the chains rattle as some of his fellow newbies continued to shake.

A voice rang out from the dark as they came to a halt.

"Gentlemen, I am Miss Ledger, the Warden of Alcatraz 2.0."

The prisoners, with Jack, turned to see where the voice was coming from. Upon a balcony overlooking the room, they saw her face.

She was a stout woman, with her hair scraped back from her face into a tight bun at the back. She wore clothes that wouldn't flatter any woman - almost as if she wanted to deceive the prisoners into believing she was a man, like the rest of them. Jack decided she had made a bad start when she introduced herself as Miss Ledger. If she wanted to intimidate them, she should have introduced herself as the Warden, then reveal that she was a woman. That would have shaken things up, but this, no this wasn't as shocking as she seemed to want it to be.

From high up, Miss Ledger continued her welcome speech.

"Down with you is the captain of the guards, Mister Julius Shepherd, and may I tell you now, be gentle with him, because between us, we can make your stay here at Alcatraz 2.0 the most horrible and painful experience you've ever had to bare." She seemed to enjoy the power, but she wasn't as intimidating as Jack would have expected a Warden of the most high security prison on the face of the planet to be.

Jack saw that she tried too hard to be a figure of authority, and he knew that although she was the most powerful figure in the entire establishment - bar, perhaps, some of the prisoners themselves - it was the captain, Shepherd, who was the real brawn here.

"Enjoy your stay, gentlemen," the Warden said before disappearing from the balcony.

Mister Julius Shepherd led the shackled men onwards, out of the holding room and into the prison.

The End

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