Daniel LaRose stood at the back of the crowd watching the new prisoners arrive. He had no interest in the petty crooks being dumped here. Compared to him, not many of them were that bad. Some people might wonder what he'd done. All his life he'd been loyal to his country. What could a loyal soldier such as this man do to end up here?

The answer: he had heard something he shouldn't. That, and that alone, had gotten him sent to the most high-security, guaranteed life sentence facility in existence. Of course, there had been other things, things that had happened later, but those were all the result of the one thing he had overheard that he did not like. As far as Daniel was concerned, he was here because of what he knew. He would get out eventually - he'd been working on a plan for a while now.

As he casually gazed up at the fresh meat arriving, he almost missed the unremarkable man walking slowly, with great shame in every detail of his appearance, down the path and through the front gate. Daniel could read trouble all over the man's face. Nobody would know it yet, possibly not even the man himself - at least, consciously - but he was planning something, something big. Daniel made a mental note to catch up with that one later.

The End

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