Fresh blood, thought Alexander unenthusiastically to himself as he clung to the fence of the yard, watching the other inmates rattle it furiously whilst he remained still and watchful. They gazed at the new arrivals, forced to walk in front of the men and women they would be spending the rest of their lives with. Some of them were shaking, others sweating, despite the cold at this altitude.

"Ma favourite parta the month!" Somebody yelled to Alexander's right. It was a man with a deep voice but otherwise fairly average in build and appearance, considering he was in an establishment like this one. He snarled at Alexander when he looked at him, and so Alexander just ignored him, slowly edging over to the right to ensure that he was squeezed out of the front row.

Alexander was one of the bulkiest inmates in Alcatraz 2.0, built like a tank, and he frequently used this to get what he wanted, as anybody in his position would have done. He was not the top dog - far from it - but he had all the power he desired, and this snarling man would have done well to remember that.

As the last of the fresh meat filed slowly and ashamedly down the path, Alexander saw nobody of interest. Nobody had caught his eye this month - nobody worth befriending, at least not from the look on their faces. It was a standard rabble of petty crooks and dirty thieves. Not that crooks or thieves were ever sent here, it was just an expression that had become commonplace in the prison to insult somebody. Everybody here was far beyond robbery, and often far beyond murder, and so to refer to somebody as a crook or a thief was just considered to be rude.

Having lost interest, Alexander retreated back to the yard, allowing - much to his annoyance - the average-looking man to barge back past and retake his place. How had Alexander never noticed this guy before? He seemed like the kind of person that wouldn't escape unscathed in a place like this. An arrogant fellow like that was definitely going to get into trouble sooner or later.

It was only twenty minutes more until the siren sounded, indicating that all inmates were to return to their cells. Alexander was used to the long walk back to his cell, his trunk-like legs carrying him home. People parted to let him through for the most part, and he thanked them silently. Manners got you a long way in Alcatraz 2.0.

The End

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