Alcatraz 2.0

In the not-too-distant future, a vast prison is built above the Atlantic Ocean, hovering in the sky and suspended by amazing new technology. It houses over 250,000 convicts, most of whom are deemed too dangerous for standard land-prisons.After a criminal mastermind within the prison decides to orchestrate an escape attempt, it attracts the who's-who of bad guys, crooks and cons, all insisting that they be a part of the escape by bringing their own unique skills to the team. Eventually the gr

There had never been as many criminals in any establishment around the world as there was in Alcatraz 2.0. When it had been built in 2045, Jack Joyce thought it had been great. Finally a place where men who were too dangerous for this world could be held safely, no longer a threat to society.

It was built above the Atlantic Ocean, suspended by new technology that used the solar power to hold great things above ground; Jack was proud that his tax money had been towards something so perfect.

It wasn't until he found himself on the plane to Alcatraz 2.0 that he realised that maybe it wasn't the best thing in the world. A three-hour flight from New York, the city he had been arrested in, Jack had been shaking and sweating the entire time. As much as he had thought this prison was a great investment in the human race's future, he couldn't help but change his mind when he thought about how he was going to be spending the rest of his life there.

As he stepped off the plane, he was hit with the intense cold of the place. He wanted to call it an island, because it technically was, just like the first Alcatraz it had been inspired by. But he couldn't bring himself to consider it that way. It was so very different. Now he found himself walking, shackled to the man in front and behind him, slowly and ashamedly to the front gate, a door he would only ever use once, like most people in here. Alcatraz 2.0 was filled with men who were serving their entire lives in prison, and had committed varying crimes on various levels, but all severe, and all deadly.

So had Jack Joyce, and that was why he was here. He didn't want to think about it, but he couldn't help but think back over the last few months and how they had changed his life for the worse.

The gates slammed behind him as all the new inmates finished walking through them. This was where Jack belonged now - in the dark and the cold, with other criminals like him.

The End

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