Elian sat beside the fire, eyeing the others. Jamir and Tia sat at one side of the fire, he and Althea sat at the other. He didn’t know what had made him decide to journey with them. Sure he wanted the king dead as much as anyone else, but why had he decided to join a group? All his life he had been alone, all he could remember anyway.  He had felt a sudden compulsion, a need to join them. Something had told him they would need him, that it was his destiny to join them.

Elian thought back to when Althea had quizzed him about his absence from court. He had told the truth when he said he did not know where it was. He knew she thought him odd, she thought someone such as he should be in court. Elian could not even remember where his city was, never mind the court.

Elian shrugged off the bandage Tia had wrapped his arm in; it had already been fully healed; his magic had seen to that, but he had not wanted to appear rude. He stood and unsheathed his rapier.

“I would like to know the skills of those I journey with, would you agree to spar with me?”

“Which of us?”

“All three of you”.

“Okay, I shall go first”, Jamir jumped up, unsheathing his blade.

“No, I mean all three at once”.

“You can’t be serious”.

“I am”.

Tia and Althea rose as well.

“Fine, we shall spar, but no body strikes. We must stop our blades before they hit flesh, we do not need any injuries”, Althea said.

“Fine”, Elian agreed.

Elian moved in a circle, the others mimicking his movements. Jamir rushed in, slashing with his blade. Elian deflected the blow and knocked him on the head with the hilt of his rapier. Tia and Althea moved as one, swiping with their blades. Elian blocked Tia’s strike, dodged under Althea’s and then swung at her. She back-stepped, and brought her blade crashing up to block his strike. A fierce flurry of blows followed, both Althea and Tia raining strikes on him as they forced him back. Jamir was struggling to his feet near the fire.

He soon rejoined the battle, Elian attacked now, his blade moving exceptionally quick. It was all the other three could do to keep him off. Elian took three steps back and sheathed his sword.

“I have seen enough, you are all very talented with your weapons. A word of advice, Jamir, do not lunge so quickly in, had it been a real battle I could have taken your head”.

“You are exceptional, to keep the three of us at bay like you did, it was amazing”.

“I thank you, now let’s enjoy some more food together while we talk”. 

The End

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