Kaskade; Fairy tale

The castle was quiet when I woke up. It was early, and the sun was just coming out. I stepped out onto the balcony, the cool air invigorating, thrilling me to the tips of my ears. "Once upon a time." I said, climbing onto the banister to reach up to the sky. "There was a princess who lived in a tall tower." I looked down. I was up in a very tall tower, the garden was so small from up here, surrounded by a high wall. I could see over the wall though, from here and I could see the mountain ranges, far away. I wondered which one Jasper was at? I sat down on the railing, legs dangling over the edge. "She waited for her prince to come rescue her." I continued the fairy tale, repeating the words from a book.

Far away, down in the castle gardens, some maids were doing chores and talking among themselves. I could just make out what they were saying.

"Have you heard the rumors?" One said.

"Who hasnt?" The other said, laughing.

"They say they've found the one who will end the kings reign," The first maid said.

"Oh yes. Mr Silver was sent out to kill him..."

I pulled my legs back onto the balcony. I couldnt believe that Jasper could kill anyone. He was so nice to me. He was out on a dangerous mission for the king right now, and I hoped he'd be all right. " 'My prince will come back soon,' the princess said to herself." I said, going back inside. "And we will live happily ever after." I knocked on the door and called to the guard.

"Can I go to the library, I need a new book." I said then waited patiently for the door to unlock.

The End

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