Elian was injured; his fight with the troll had left him slightly weak. No wonder he had been grateful that we were peaceful. As we ate our food, Tia bandaged up Elian's injuries.

"So, Elian, what brings you here?"

"I travel where I wish."

"With your horse?"


"Mera is a beautiful name. She is a beautiful horse." I stroked Mera's nose as she stood between Elian and I.

"Thank you. May I ask why you are here?"

"We are travelling to find someone."

"Any particular someone?" I deliberated whether or not to tell this stranger. But he was elven, and he did not appear to be treacherous.

"Someone of great importance for the future of our lands. Tell me, what do you think of the rule of the King?" Elian spat in the fire.

"The King is a monster. Everywhere I have travelled he has ruined."

"Then you will be pleased to know that this person we speak will overthrow him, and bring our rightful King to the throne once more."

"King Galvador?"

"Aye. And it is our destiny to help him."

"Well, I would not normally like to be in a group, but I would like a hand in bringing down that evil ruler. Allow me to assist you." I eyed him. He seemed to be skilled, but I would have to test him.

"You believe you could stand to face the perils we face?"

"I do."

"I believe you may join us. But do not expect us to trust you completely until it is earned."

"I would expect nothing less."

"Elian, you are an elf. Why do you not preside in court? I have not seen you there before, but then I am young."

"I do not know where it is." I looked at him. He was strange, that was for sure. Not like any elf I had met before.

"Maybe one day, you will see it."

"Aye, maybe one day I will." His eyes blanked for a second, then returned.

"What were you thinking of, just then?"

"Hmm? Nothing. Just a memory, struggling to break through."

The End

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