Cal; Found

I soon found that Ciara to be a fine conversationalist. She was more open than myself but then again, most people are more open than myself.

I soon said goodnight and slipped into the room allocated to me by the giant landlord. The bed was big enough for a giant couple, but then again if it wasn't it would have been a massive mistake. A single giant couldn't even fit curled in a queen-size bed.

I pulled off my tunic and boots and got under the immaculate covers. It was oddly warm. They must have been some of the best dwarven fabrics. Giants didn't skimp when it came to services - especially if it meant people returned.

I soon fell into an unusually deep sleep.


There was a loud clang from downstairs. I sat bolt upright in the huge bed. Damn these pathetic ears.. I couldn't hear a thing.

That mean elves. The earlier loudness must've been someone else. The silence always meant elves.

I pulled my clothes on quick and shoved my bow onto my arm which was dead... sleeping... crushed my my own body in sleep. I couldn't do much with my aim in the other arm. I shook it to wake it. It worked in making my arm tingle. It slowly woke and I moved into the shadows.

It was much too quiet. I should be able to hear this! If I was fully elven I would be able to hear this! Why shouldn't I have at least some more elven than human qualities?

"Wondering why you couldn't hear me enter your room half-blood?"

I turned to the voice, I pulled the aim of my bow to the figure's head. I hesitated. The man was just standing there. There wasn't any sign of malice in his stance - the only thing I had against him was the 'half-blood' comment.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"So quick to the gun. I'm Silver."

"Hello Silver."

"And you are?"

"I'll tell you when I'm ready."

"That's ok, I already know."

"So what are you doing here? Come to finish taking the half-bloods to the dungeons in the Imperial Castle?"

"That practise was stopped, we don't hunt half-bloods. And I'm sorry for the comment about that, you have a name and I shouldn't be so crude. Please put your bow down, you know I'd dodge whatever you can shoot at me."

"I know, But I'd rather I didn't. Thank you for the apology. Why are you here?"

"Again with the questions, why don't you relax? We can talk you know."

"That still doesn't tell me why you're here. You wouldn't sneak into my room unless it was for me... so what do you want with me?"

"Fine, The King would like to speak with you, something very important. I'm only here to escort you. Apparently some rogue elves are also trying to find you - a bit annoyed about inter-racial breeding, especially human. Acting as a hit-team."

"I can see why they sent you, It's Jasper Silver right?"

"I see my own reputation is more widespread than yours."

"I should know most names - I have a good memory."

"I have better."

"Well you're elven - of course you do. I have more elven abilities than all other human-elf children."

"There are only three others. Well, two - one was killed by that hit squad after you only last week." I finally put my bow at his final statement.

"It's good you found me first." And his face broke into a smile.

The End

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