Althea: Look what I see

It was evening when I smelt it. Troll. Jamir grabbed his sword and Tia her dagger, and we crept in to the trees which we had been travelling with. The troll which we had smelt was dead, lying on the floor, it's throat slit. Tia pointed silently at dragging footprints which lead away from the body. Obviously the killer.

We followed the trailer, Tia ahead, until we reached a camp. There, tied to a tree was a beautiful horse. I wanted to approach her, but I knew I had better check the area first. Then, Jamir was attacked from the side. He swung round and began a fight with a small dark haired man... no elf... who had appeared from the trees.

"Woah, stop! We come in peace!" I approached the pair, thinking how stupid I had sounded when I spoke. The pair broke apart, eyeing each other, their weapons still drawn. "Who are you?" I directed this to the stranger.

"Elian. You?"

"Althea. Put down your weapon Elian."

"Not unless you also put them down." I nodded and sheathed my sword. Jamir and Elian sheathed theirs at the same moment.

"Now, I believe we should have a conversation. I am hungry. I believe we may share a meal." I sat down, and watched a bewildered Jamir, Elian and Tia do the same. I didn't think this was the man we were destined to find, but it may be he is one of the many who it has been foretold will help in our quest to overthrow the evil King.

The End

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