Ciara Eve - You just can't understand...

Don't ask me why I enjoyed sometimes escaping the forest. It was one of my habits. I was so enclosed in it most of the time that I needed a new sight. Of course the forest was my home but I also needed to know how everything was getting on. Best way to do that would be to head to a tavern of some sorts which I did.

The rain pounding on the top of my head as I race along the clumpy road. My clothes are drenched sticking to my skin. The wind blows whiping my hair around me hitting the skin of my face with a slight sting.

The ground is like sludge beneath my feet and luckily I dont slip. I reach the tavern and stumble in through the door. I head straight for the bar. "Soup please" I ask, twisting the water out of my hair as I speak. The giant grunts handing me a towel. I smile gratefully and head for a seat.

Truth be told I had no idea why I had decided to run so deep into the land surrounded and taken over by towering mountains. I just knew when I saw those elves something was up and maybe this was time to back out of the forest for a little while. Thats another thing about Night Elves we arent as clingy to our forest as normal elves. We alot of the time sleep in hollows of the tree, mostly close to the root. I do enjoy a good climb and heights I am not at all scared of.

The soup in a wooden bowl with a spoon, which is also made of wood, is dumped before me. I try to say thank you but giants are not the most sociable of creatures. I sigh and eat the food quickly. Then I rest back. I pull up the hood of my shirt, I sticked it on myself, and rest back.

"Is this seat taken?" a voice asks. My eyes shoot up and I see slight elvish featured face. The guy, the only part about him I know for certain I'm right about, tilts his head and I realise I haven't answered him.

"Sure" I reply slowly. "My name's Ciara" I sit up and offer my hand. He hesitates before shaking.

"Cal" he replies. His whole body movement shows cautiousness and I narrow my eyes knowing he can't see me doing so. I pull back my hand and rest both on the table in front of me.

"Uh huh" I reply.

I see him tense. "So, what are you doing in the moutains?" he asks trying to portray calmness that I see straight through.

"Change of scenery, you?"

"Why do you need a change of scenery?" he asks avoiding the backfire of his question.

I smile sort of in amusement and lean forward my face being shown past the shadow of my hood. "The forest can get boring after a while"

"You're an elf?" he asks and I notices the slight clench of his teeth.

"Night Elf" I correct. "Have a problem with elves?"

"Do I seem I do?" he says leaning back and tapping his foot slightly. I smile again and resting my elbows on the table I intwine my fingers and rest my chin on the backs of my hands.

"You shouldn't answer a question with a question" I tell him. He laughs and then looks at me curiously.

"Where are you heading?"

"Don't know yet" I reply leaning back into the shadows again.

"Care to share a drink then?" he asks. I notice he is no longer tense and now more relaxed but also guarded. I have a feeling that wont go away.

"Love to" I say as I cross one leg over the other.

The End

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