Cal; Moving places yet again

That smoke was getting closer by the night, I could hear the fires crackling now as it seemed they were closing in. There was one coming in from the east, and one from the west.

I decided that it wasn't worth waiting to find out what they wanted. So I packed up my meager belongings, my tent, pots and pans, bow and arrows, some spices and herbs I'd 'aquired' and my three changes of clothes. I fastened my bags to the saddle of my horse and tied my hair back.

There wasn't a bridge for a good ten miles so when mounted we crossed at the shallowest and least rapid part I could find on the river. We were going to head deep into the mountains, land of the giants and alledgedly witches. They said to be a witch you needed a good firm ground to grow up on - and there wasn't a firmer ground than the rock of the mountains. So maybe I'd encounter a witch or two. That would be cool. Witches tended to be loners because people feared them. It'd be nice to talk to someone sort of in my position.

The river was still fairly rapid and we sent eddies down the current as we trod across. The water rushed against the leather of my boots and pulled them slightly along in the current, I soon pulled my legs rigid against the water, feeling every single movement of it. Hail, my horse, found it easy and soon were are across the moving expanse of water. And hopefully, if we were being tracked our scent would be lost. I had plenty of enemies in both the elven and human world who would do quite a lot to find me. I wasn't a match for the elven warriors, but the humans wouldn't be too bad if they didn't number to highly.

There was hardly and tree cover on this side of the river so I pulled the reins and we charged over to the distant cover of the mountains. I couldn't help but think of my worst case scenario; the elves tracking me wouldn't have any difficulty seeing me until I was well hidden, especially if the field of vision was clear as it was here. That would be the worst. However, human tracking would have me in the clear as soon as I was about a mile off. Their vision was nothing compared to the elves. I could only hope.


We soon cantered into a town on the outskirts of the second nearest mountain. I drifted quite far to the west in my attempts to remain elusive. I might as well have a night on a soft bed seeing as I was on the run. My mind was playing a game I wasn't sure was happening, but I'm not one to be too foolhardy.

I soon found a tavern with a few beds for let. I paid with what little I had and hooked Hail inthe stables behind. The giants had no need for them as they were much too small, they rode on domesticated dragons if they were rich enough. But they were also a very clever people, knowing that the smaller races had horses and they'd pay handsomely to have them housed while they slept. Giant country was one of the safest places when it came to looking after your belongings, and the best place to find a man for hire, a bodyguard of sorts.

Although - that was really because the giants had to be wary and intuative. They lived in such proximity to dwarves. Now it's not that I don't like dwarves, There's a very efficient people. But they are ruthless with gold. It's almost as if it were a God of sorts. They'd do most anything to get or earn gold. They mined for centuries on the mountains and sold all the lesser metals and relics they could find. They truly were efficient though. They were master craftsmen and provided only the best for the diserning warrior, and their clothing was some of the best as well.

I suppose all races had their faults, all had their good points too. I guess I was just too happy to be in the relative safety of the giants. If there was any race that was happy with the half breeds it was them. They'd generally learnt that half-breeds were a sign that races could work together.

The End

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