It was cold in my room again, I could barely move. I wondered why They made my room so cold, I liked it when they made it warm. I liked sitting in the sun too. They said it was because I'm part dragon. I thought dragons werent real. I thought they were only in the stories that my Nanna told me, before They took her away. Its true I dont look like anyone else, but dragons are supposed to be big and scary, and when I look in the mirror, all I see is me. Kaskade, and I'm not big and scary at all.

The lock on my room jangled and the door opened to reveal, Breakfast! I started forward, but the man holding my breakfast held up a stick. I stopped, I knew what that stick could do. He set the tray down on the floor and backed up. My fingers brushed the little amulet i wore around my neck and I stepped forward again. I looked at the man, who stood there, shaking. He seemed afraid. I could almost hear his thoughts, telling me he was afraid. Maybe I was scary after all.

I looked at my breakfast; they changed my food every few days, I could tell that today was not going to be a pleasant one, I had been given barely cooked steak. I couldnt eat raw meat, it wasnt decent. I took my fork in one hand and my knife in the other and blew gently on the meat until it turned brown and warm with just a little pink in the middle. Much better. I took a bite. "Could do with some seasoning." I said, mouth full. The man nodded jerkily and ran out of the room. He left the door unlocked. I stood slowly, chewing on my breakfast thoughtfully. I could leave, I could go out into the sun, I could go on the roof. I took my plate in one hand and opened the door again with the other.

It was much warmer on the roof and that combined with breakfast, I felt warm and comfortable, but full of energy. The moment was gone though, when a shadow fell across my face. I opened my eyes to see that it was none other than Jasper Silver, casually tossing a knife in the air and catching it by the tip of the blade every time.

"Mr. Silver, sir." I said, standing up and bowing my head.

"Kassy," Jasper said, his voice was soft. I looked up shyly through my bangs at him as he continued. "You are not to leave your room, you know that. Its dangerous to be out here, someone could catch you and take you away to a terrible place." He said all this perfectly seriously, but some of the soldiers behind him sniggered. Jasper shot them a cold look, then turned back to me. "Kassy," he said again, kneeling down in front of me. "I'm afraid I have to go away for a while. The king has sent me on a very important mission." I looked up, I didnt want him to go. Jasper was nice to me. He said he was the one who had brought me here, as just an egg. I remembered being in that egg, i remembered being warm and safe and dark. I remembered that Jasper was there when I came out, into the world. But he never said where I came from.

"Are you going to find out where I came from?" I asked him

"No," Jasper smiled, it was a nice smile. He only used it around me. "I have to find someone living in the mountains." I nodded, I'd seen mountains in stories. People did live in them. In caves. Jasper stood up and patted me on the head. "Behave while I'm gone Kassy." He said, then made a gesture with his hands and two soldiers took my arms and I was led back to my cold room.

The End

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