Ciara Eve, The Night's Shadow

I hung upside down from the tree branch and looked down at the almost ignorant rabbit. Almost ignorant because it then looked up. "Yo" I say, speaking to the animal as if it is the most normal thing in the world.

"Damn, Elves" the rabbit mumbles then hops off. My arrow pins it to the earth a moment before in reaches its hole. I grasp the branch with my hand and swing my legs off before realeasing my grip. I land on the earth and walk over to the rabbit's corpse slowly. I swing my bow back onto my back. I kneel down and pick up the rabbit. Poor little thing, I think pushing back a strand of hair that has fallen out of my ponytail.

I sit cross legged and begin to skin and gut the rabbit. I pull a cloth from my backpack and wrap up the meat for later tonight. With a heavy sigh I get up and take in a deep breath closing my eyes. The night no so far away from what I can sense. I open my eyes knowing they are beginning to glow. I look around and realise how close to the edge of the forest I am. How close I am to the land of King Vallinor.

I curse knowing they'll send a patrol out tonight like every night. They'll never go to far into the forest but I'm too close to the edge. Even the elves who own the forest stick to there peaceful land deep within.

I visit sometimes but I don't belong there. I belong alone, a lone wolf. I'm not even one of them. I'm a night elf not a normal woodland one. Night elves are rare. There is this complication of their only being a few left and so far I only know of a small group of them then a few lone wolfs like me.

The wind suddenly rushes around me and I turn and run. Being on the edge of the forest is not where I want to be a night. Maybe I'll take a visit to see the elves and see what there up to.

I hear a crack of  twig and cloak myself with shadows hiding myself from sight. Its a deer and I tilt my head. Thats strange usually they stick to the west side of the forest. Then I see them, patrol men. "Andrais, we should head back" one of them says.

"Not getting cold feet are you" Andrais teases.

"Not even Jasper comes in this deep" the first one snaps.

"Calm down, Theris. Its no big deal. They dont like the edge either" Andrais says with a roll of his eyes. I raise my eyebrows and tilt my head. Leaning against a tree I watch with interest.

"Yeah but..." the first one, Theris, says trailing off.

"But what?"

"The Night Elves.... They go everywhere through this forest and its said you cant see them till its too late"

The other laughs in his face. "Yeah, right. Thats just men getting spooked. Elves are Elves nothing different between them"

Anger shoot through my veins. I stand up and stride over dropping my shadow cloaking a moment before I grab Andrais next and pin him to a tree trunk. I press the blade of my dagger to his neck and smile. "Is that so?" I growl. "You should watch what you say human"

I slash a cut across his cheek which will leave a cresent scar. I knee him in the stomach and turn kicking Theris in the side. "Have a nice day, boys" I say heading off shadows already swirling up round my feet. I turn and look back at them. "Also, get out of the forest"

They scramble to their feets and race away just as I vanish from view sinking and becoming apart of the night.

The End

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