Cal Hoddin: Smoke in the air

I stoked the fire, allowing the sparks to rise into the air. I had a few vegetables on a spit gently charring to cooked. I guess that was my human side. Most elves preferred their food raw, but I definitely had a taste for food that was softer and smoky. It made me feel very weak compared to my fathers family. He'd always pushed that whole 'you're most elf that human' thing on my but to be honest it didn't work. My mother then tried to embrace me in her cultures, but the didn't appeal either. I felt like a complete outsider in both races, yet I was still part of them. It kind of messed me up I guess.

Thats why I decided to move into the outskirts of the mountains, the water was plentiful and because of that there was more than enough plant and animal life to sustain a small army - and that was great for me - lots of choice.

I pushed my hair from my face and tied it up neatly behind me. I wasn't keen on the thought of it burning when I retrived my food.

I looked into the distance trying to see past the stars as my father could. I actually hated this. I can't compare myself to either - I'm margunally better at things that humans, and a lot worse than elves. Of course there are exceptions, humans have much more emotional selves. Elves are very stony.

I couldn't see that far... it sucked. But something caught my eye, about two miles off there was rising smoke... very thick and tall. It looked suspicious.  

The End

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