Jasper Silver: News


Aissur: Jasper Silver

I strode into the palace boldly. My boot heels rapping on the hard tile. I smiled to myself, fingering the blade of my knife. 

"Jasper, just the man I wanted to see." said some member of the kings lower council.

"Not now." I waved him away with the hand holding the knife. "I have important business to discuss with the king."

"What business?" the man pried. 

"You'll never know." I hissed, holding the knife under his chin.

"Please, Jasper." the man protested. "You'll never kill an old friend." I smiled again. 

"Times have changed." I said, moving the blade just a little closer, so a single drop of blood slid down the blade.

"Silver." a loud voice boomed down the hallway. I withdrew the knife. "I won't have you killing subjects loyal to me."

"Yes your majesty." I said, bowing low. Straightening again I continued, "I have important news. I have--" I stopped as the king looked pointedly at the man I had nearly sliced the throat of. I had forgotten he was there. At the kings glance, he hurried away.

"Yes, Silver, why don't you tell me the news in my study?"

"Of course, your majesty."


We walked in silence, for a time before I could contain myself no longer. "We discovered which range the rebels are hiding in. And which race is helping them."

The End

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