Aissur: The Journey

The land of Aissur is ruled by a vicious King, and the resistance take action on the grounds of a prophecy which foretells his demise.

Prophecy foretells of the day when King Vallinor, the cruel and twisted ruler of Aissur, will be over thrown by a rebel force, led by an outcast with a true heart. As the date of this happy day draws nearer, the rebel forces will unite, and peace will reign once more.

If one were to fly on dragons back over the lands of Aissur, they would think it a beautiful and plentiful land. Protected on either side by the vast mountain ranges of Du’urrah and Farindur, the land is caressed by the forest of Thallinor, which starts at the foot of the Farindur Mountains, and is met by the great ocean which supplies the water which runs throughout the land. But if one were to land and take in their surroundings, they would see that this great land is marred by sorrow and poverty. King Vallinor rules with a harsh hand, enabled by the much feared and sadistic Jasper Silver, and the people of Aissur struggle against his taxes, his disregard for their welfare and his pillaging army, who destroy anything in their path for their own amusement.

The races of Aissur have been separated since King Vallinor forced his brother, King Galvador, from the throne. While the elves disappeared in to their beloved forest, the dwarves and dragons followed their love of treasure to the mountains of Du’urrah, which are untouched. It is rumoured that Galvador still lives, and is the source of the resistance against King Vallinor. Rumours speculate that he lives with the resistance in the mountains, although which range has never been discovered. If he resides in Du’urrah, his army may have the support of dwarves and dragons, and if he resides in Farindur, he is surely helped by the elves. While Vallinor searches for his brother, he does not dare enter the mountain ranges, for fear of the vast armies that await him, and his clutches do not control the elven forest Thallinor, for he lost a great deal of his army there, never to be seen again.

As the day foretold in the prophecy grows closer, King Vallinor has begun to give his soldiers, led by Jasper Silver, a more free reign, in hope that he will prevent the prophecy from coming true, and keep the money and power his reign has afforded him.

The End

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