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Gaia roleplay plots for the lovely Aishra. -Sunshine Shop of writing

*all marked words are variables such as names or gender that were inserted for the sake of smooth writing





Thousands of commoners gather before a wooden stage, chattering eagerly. Royal trumpets bellow, and the crowd becomes hushed, anticipation thrumming through the air. A lavishly adorned man strides up to the platform, calmly taking the spotlight with a captivating aura. Striking blue eyes glitter powerfully as he gazes at his audience. Suddenly, a handsome smile lights his face. “Welcome, my friends,” the king declares, and the listeners cry in a joyful uproar. “We, the Royal Court of Lornia*, are glad to inform you, that after twenty long years, the—“


With a gasp the king falls forward to the ground. Dead. An arrow standing defiantly from his back. Silence captures the audience, until a young girl’s shrill scream breaks the dam. Chaos ensues.


For twenty years the world had been consumed by the destruction of a war between four kingdoms. On that day, the leader of Lornia* was to announce the end of this travesty, and embrace the beginning of a new era; the countries of Lornia*, Dypher*, Whuiils*, and Flyila* bonded as true allies for the first time in decades.


Immediately, the Kingdom’s call for a meeting of their greatest leaders, quickly arranging a time and date to discuss the atrocious assassination. Unfortunately, the man next in line for the throne of Lornia*, Prince Leopold*, has disappeared, leaving his citizens in an aimless panic. As rumors fly, people everywhere begin pointing fingers, blaming many and all for the death of their beloved king. Desperate to avoid the oncoming violence, the three remaining Kings happen to catch wind of a rumor proclaiming that Prince Leopold had once born an illegitimate son. Frantically, they send hundreds to search the countryside for the man, requiring a leader for the people of Lornia to follow, in order to stop the vigilante riots. Unfortunately, the trio soon discovers that the son is unwilling to take on his responsibility. Thoroughly infuriated, the three Kings set out to find the bastard themselves, and coerce him to join their cause in discovering the mystery of his grandfather’s murder, as well as find peace for their tumultuous world.







(Loose) Cast:

President/Mafia Lord: Leader of the massive crime organization that usurps this technologically oriented country; in charge of creating immoral super army to take over the world

Daughter/Son of Mafia Lord: Leader of the Rebellion that is out to thwart his/her father’s evil crusade

Spies for Rebellion within Mafia Lord/Pres.’s white house

True followers of the President

Various ranks of the elaborate Rebellion

Gifted victims who are being taken hostage at military camps, or just recently joining the Rebellion


 The city is large, noisy, and scandalous, but mostly of all, the city is reflective. Innovative glass architecture writhing between the streets, solar panels outlining honeycomb patterns above the rooftops, chrome accents decorating the subway markers. On sunny days, the citizens wear sunglasses to look at the buildings, rather than the sky. Welcome to Polumino*, capital of the country Krag*. The land of technology, mass media, and organized crime.

Coincidentally, Polumino* is not just the capital of the country. It is also the headquarters of the biggest mafia network that the world has ever seen. Rumor has it that the President of Krag is not simply leading the country, but directing the mafia scene as well. Wives joke to their husbands about their homeland being guided by a ‘mobster’, and kids pretend to be the double agent President at recess. It’s all fantasy, they know. Gossip stoked by the media to keep the publicity up. Just rumors.

For once, the rumors are right.

President Azreal Malackey* is indeed the leader of the large criminal structure that plagues the country. A power hungry man, the President is determined to rule the entire world in a vicious dictatorship. Sadly for the aspiring President, other countries dwarf the country of Krag* in size, military, and prestige. However, these details do not discourage the President. He has a plan.

For many years his scientists have been researching the concept of “gifted” humans; people born with the natural ability to interfere with electronic devices. The scientists even hypothesize that one day, with copious amounts of training, these “sliders”, as they called them, could be capable of controlling any digitally powered device. President Malackey* is collecting these persons blessed with this gift of evolution, kidnapping them from their homes and sending them to untraceable military camps. His hope is to create a completely new race of super soldiers: Slider Soldiers. The correlating military camps are cruel and frightening hell holes, often resorting to torture tactics when a slider slows, or stops, progressing with their skills. On the day that the President discovered his beloved daughter* was a slider he deleted all records of her* in the official slider recruitment database, in hopes to save her* from the horrible fate that awaits her* at the military camps.

Although the country of Krag faces oppression from their villainous leader, all hope is not lost. Rumor has it that a mysterious group of brave vigilantes called the Rebellion, led by the President’s very own child, is out to destroy the crime lord’s power hold on Krag. The majority of the country disregards these rumors, joking about it to their spouse and children; it’s merely gossip spread by the media to keep up publicity. Just rumors.

But we all know how that ends.

The End

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