Jayde stood up, cautiously. The men saw him. He heard shots; His, Dario's, the intruders'. One man fell back, wounded. The fight was equal now, two on two. More guards came to back them up, arresting the wounded man.

    There were supporting shots fired, but the two remaining gunmen refused to back down. Jayde felt himself getting behind the men, stalking closer. All of a sudden, pain shot through Jayde's arm and the scent of copper filled the air. He grimaced, biting back a yelp, snuck forward, and--

   Jayde's eyes opened. He looked around wildly. His boss was yelling at him for sleeping in the breakroom, yet again. He looked up at the clock - 9:30. He as been asleep for some 30 minutes, Dario has already departed. He was still in uniform - thank God - but his hat was gone. How unfortunate.

"Are you listening to me?! Jayde!"

Jayde looked at his boss, wide-eyed at the tone of the yell. "Yes...?"

"You are FIRED! This is the fifth time I've found you asleep on the job! Go home, Jayde! And Don't Come Back!"

The End

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