Airport Security

A day in the life of airport security man, Jayde. A practice story for my Power of the Pen team... The prompt was "Airport."

A man, who  looked barely out of high school, sat on a stool by a metal detector. He wore an airport security uniform and a hat - added on account of his own personal taste. The hat went wonderfully with the uniform.


The boy's head whipped around, brown hair coming loose from the hat. "Boss...?" he asked hesitantly.

"I need you much more alive over there! You look like a lump over there, damnit!"

"Y-yes, sir!"

So Jayde fixed his hat and stood up. Another person passed through the metal detector. It beeped.

"Hold on a second, ma'am," Jayde heard his co-worker, Dario, say. Dario watched as the woman pulled plenty of nails out of her pockets. Dario was obviously curious and confused, wanting to ask, but simply told her to pass through the metal detector had the woman pass through the metal detector again. She was then allowed to board.

"Slow day, eh?" Dario commented offhandedly. Jayde agreed.

"But that woman..." He paused. "Nails? There had to be something up with that."

Dario laughed and nodded slightly. "Same thing I was thinking."

Jayde sighed boredly and sat back down on the stool. Shift change was in 15 minutes. If he could just survive until then... At that time, Jayde would go to the break room and then home. Hopefully--- suddenly, the air filled with screams of horror and fear. People around him were panicking. Dario kept calling for people to get down - it was safer that way.

The End

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