17. Starting Conversation

Noah Anderson 

I sat back down after another set of advice from my brother. I really did hate going to him, but I was desperate. He really was going to hold this against me. 

"So, Pheobe." I said, turning to her. I winked and she smirked. 

"So Noah." She replied, raising her eyebrow. "Whose that you keep going off to meet?" 

My eyes had moved down her body and rested on her legs, that I didn't hear her question.

"Sorry." I coughed, and moved my eyes back to hers. I was blushing heavily. I hope she hadn't noticed! "Say again?"

I couldn't tell whether she looked amused or irritated. She sighed. "I asked who you keep going off to meet?"

"Oh that." I smiled. "My brothers sat down a few seats." 

"I see, how come your not sat with him?" She asked.

"We didn't book together." She looked confused so I went on. "I haven't seen him in a few years. Were both going back to our aunt and uncles. A coincidence." 

"Ahh." she said. Damn, I was doing this wrong. I was talking all about me, I needed to ask about her.

"So, enough about me. What about you? I already know your really brainy, but what about out of school. What do you do?" 

She looked away, then back at me. 

The End

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