22. The Electric Moment

Alex Gold

With his palm resting on my cheek and his lips descending on mine, Chris seemed to have me right where he wanted me to be. His warm breath on my lips sent tingles down my spine as I eased my neck forward so our lips could meet. The sensations of the kiss were both exquisite as well as confounding. The pleasure of sharing such an intimate moment with a special person, and that too after such a long time, was making my heart race. At the same time, the anxiety of not having known him for long made my head pound slightly.

As we moved apart, I could see the gleam in Chris' eyes and the smile lighting up his face and I somehow knew that this meant something more to him than just a random incident with a stranger. Maybe I could ditch my logical brain and just go with the flow for once. Maybe that's what Neil thought before jumping head first into insanity. And maybe I could give it a go just this once as well. What's the worst that can come of it? It's just a nine hour flight and it could be a lot of fun if my head didn't start messing things up.

Looking at Chris out of the corner of my eye, I realized that I had not uttered a single word in quite some time and that the elation and joy was beginning to dim from his face. He appeared a little unsure of what he was supposed to do or say so I decided to help him relax.

"Wow. So that's what it feels like to kiss a stranger in the first-class lounge in-flight. Really, I hadn't done this before so it's pretty cool." I touched his face with my fingers as I said the words and watched him beam at me. His grin was enough proof that he was relieved that I wasn't acting crazy or weird or both.

"So, you wanna head back in there or...?" 

"I guess we should go before your brother thinks of interrupting us again, or catching us in any sort of embarrassing situation." I smiled at him to take the sting out of my words and then bent towards him and kissed the corner of his mouth.

He stood up from the couch and extended his hand towards me to guide me back to our seats. As we passed various passengers before getting to our places, I could see that many of them were looking at us in a weird way, as if they knew what we had been up to in the lounge.

As we seated ourselves, I leaned towards Chris and whispered to him, "You think they know what we were doing in the lounge?"

"If they did then I'm sure they are super jealous of me right now. Kissing such a pretty girl, that should have their pants in a twist." And then his laughter boomed in my ear as he leaned towards my cheek and gave it a light peck.

The End

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