19. Seriousness Is Not Anderson-like

Chris Anderson


Trying not to burst into hearty laughs knowing that my little brother was probably going to mess up when it comes to flirting with hot girls, I walked back to my seat, meeting Alex, Louisa and Hyde halfway. I chuckled, knowing that these two were the people I’d been eavesdropping on before.

After quick introductions and then hoisting Alex’s bag up, I knew another flirtatious move wouldn’t hurt me.

“So you want me to put you in your place to? Cause you know I’d gladly do it.” I planted a light kiss on her neck before moving away, I didn’t want to go past the limit as to make her uncomfortable but I sure wouldn’t mind taking my chances.

“Thanks but I really appreciate the offer.”

She blew me a kiss before settling back into her seat. I chuckled and turned back to her, her face was as red as a beetroot. Slightly nudging her with my knee, I gave her a reassuring smile.

But before long, I got up again as she looked up at me with question marks in her eyes. There was something I wanted to talk to her about but not here, not within the ears of other eavesdroppers like myself. Taking hold of her hand, I tugged at it lightly.

“Come on, let’s go.”

She got up wordlessly and followed me as I lead her back to the first class lounge where innocent Noah had taken me before. I almost broke into girlish giggles which was very unlike me, at the thought of his useless attempts with his hot seatmate. Wow, I wish I was there to see the show. For now however, I had other plans for my girl.

I heard her gasp as we entered the cool air conditioned lounge.


I chuckled before sitting her down next to me on a sofa.

“Alex…the reason I brought you here is because I need to talk to you about something.”

Her eyes met mine as she locked gazes with me. She almost looked scared but I shook that thought away.

“About before...I’m sorry about it. I guess I was my ‘flirty’ side was getting the better of me. The kiss didn’t mean anything unless you wanted it to. I just…don’t know what I did back there. It was not me to kiss a girl I’d only known for a half hour. So I’m sorry…”

I looked intently at her, waiting for her to answer as my thumb traced patterns across her hand.

“It’s okay.” She sounded like she meant it but she looked a bit disheartened too. Did that mean that maybe she did like me and she didn’t want me to apologize for a kiss? Don’t get too ahead of yourself Chris, my mind reminded me and I cleared my throat. I just wanted to get this out of me and so I will.

“There’s also a few other things I want to say to you and I’m not saying this just because I like you but I think a lot of people would think this other then me.”

Wow, I probably sound like I’m going to propose to her or something. But maybe, that shall happen later. I smirked mentally before continuing.

“You’re a gorgeous, independent and classy woman. Don’t let what other people say to you hurt you because you should know that you’re special and don’t deserve that treatment.”

I reached my hand out to stroke her soft hair, slightly leaning in.

“Don’t ever forget that, alright?”

She nodded as her eyes searched my face, probably for a reason as to why I was saying this. I leaned in further this time, closing the distance between us for the second time in my life. The way she responded to this kiss was her own choice.

The End

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