Chapter 15 - Ada Grey

Why on earth am I so shy?

I had meandered through the airport, invisible to all who seemingly stared into the easily forgettable face, which belonged to me. My tailored trousers flapped a little at the ends of my legs, as the countless air conditioning fans swept my coffee coloured hair about my face as though I was a model from one of those odourless television adverts. I wore a green scoop necked jumper below my soft, purple cotton jacket. It was nothing special, but then again, was I? I had always been taught to wear my bulkiest clothes on the flight, and these were no exception.

I had watched the breathtakingly beautiful women as they carried themselves with elegance and confidence across the white tiled floor of the airport. Others were watching them too; the men whose jaws dropped and eyes widened as they passed. There was no such celebration of my passing.

When I reached the plane, I found my seat in silence, only nodding to the cabin crew who welcomed me aboard. I found my seat quickly and made myself comfortable; I drew a copy of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' from my hand luggage and crossed my legs in the way they were naturally comfortable. In this imaginary state, where beauty and money were nothing to me, I became increasingly aware of a figure next to me. One word drew me from my dreaming as I snapped back to an enclosed aluminium reality.


I looked to the seat adjacent to mine and took in the features of the man who sat there. He was tall, beardless and incredibly striking, with lines and contours of pure muscle obviously trying to appear, even behind his loose shirt. I found myself unable to answer for a moment, and when I could, a weak,

"Hello," was all that could escape my throat. Conversation killer much, Ada? I thought, burying my head further into the lives of Scout and Atticus. Why am I so socially challenged?

Why on earth am I so shy?

The End

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