12. Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Alex Gold


Taking a sip from the glass of orange juice that the air hostess had served me, I looked at Chris thoughtfully. He seemed to be quite engrossed in what the passengers across the aisle had to say. I also strained my ears so I could hear what it was that was so interesting that it had captured Chris' attention. Laughing softly at my own willingness to eavesdrop, I leaned a little towards Chris so I could listen properly. 

A minute or two passed but I was only able to hear snatches of the conversation. Something about "Grandma panties" and "What an introduction" followed by laughter and giggles didn't make any sense to me so I lost interest in that pretty quickly. A little disappointed, I decided to jolt Chris a little since he had been so flirty with me earlier. 

Since he was half hanging out of his seat and looking towards the back of the plane, I scratched my sharp nail along his incredibly tanned arm that was exposed under a soft cotton shirt with rolled-up sleeves. His sudden movement towards me was enough evidence that I had captured his attention successfully.

"Ouch! Now what was that for? Did I do something to you?"

"Well, if eavesdropping on other people's conversation is polite, then no." Looking at the secret smile threatening to lift the corners of my mouth, he returned the smile conspiratorially and then burst into a full laughter.

"I ain't ashamed to admit it coz these people seem mighty fine to me. They are Louisa and Hyde by the way. And they had this sort of weird episode with an elderly lady and her luggage. Oh! wait. It gets better. She got strewn with grandma panties. Can you believe that? Right in the middle of the plane. Grandma panties. Hahaha. Poor girl. And poor us', he said to me in under his breath.

"Poor us? What do you mean?"

"I can't imagine what we were even doing to have missed out on such a funny incident. On my part, I blame you. You are just so beautiful that you distracted me from something that I would have loved to watch."

"Yeah, yeah. Blame it on me, Mr. Flirty-Flirteson. Whoever asked you to get fresh with me?" I grinned at the look of disbelief on his face and then gently caressed the lacerated mark that my nail had left on his arm. "And I'm sorry about that. Well, not truly though. I was feeling really neglected since you had decided to turn your attention the other way."

"Awww...Now is that so? Aren't you smooth yourself, Alexandra?"

"Alex!" I corrected him instantly.

"Yeah, Alex! I did overhear their conversation but I was actually looking for my brother and hoping that he hasn't gotten into trouble yet."


"Yeah, he inevitably does get into a spot of bother wherever he goes. I just wish that today is not one of those times."

"Oh! I'm sure he's doing fine. But if you wanna go check on him or something...."

"Naah...He'd kill me. And then throw me off the plane! Too much of a risk." Shaking his head at the thought, Chris dissolved into a fit of laughter, taking me along for the ride.


The End

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