11. An Encounter

Louisa Catherine Miller

"May I help you to your seat?"

I blushed a little bit, biting my lip as I smiled slightly. "Okay," I nodded, surprised at how sheepish and timid I sounded.

After I was "helped into my seat", with this Hyde set in the seat beside me, I shifted, grabbing my book and trying to focus on the words. I couldn't help glancing out of the corner of my eye to take a closer look. Was a pretty good looking guy. I flushed redder at my own thought, as if he could hear it. At that moment, he happened to flick his eyes over to me. My cheeks were searing with heat as I rapidly looked back at the page.

I could not help feeling uncomfortable, my mind a-buzz and not able to focus on my reading. Breathing deeply, the plane began to creep down the runway preparing for take-off, and I tucked away my book. I made a concious effort of staring out the window, though my hand wandered up to push back some of my loose hair behind my ear.

"You alright?"

I swallowed, turning back to Hyde. Why was I so tense? All my friends were guys. Why couldn't I just act normal? "Yeah," I said casually. "I guess I don't really like flying."

"Me neither," he nodded.

"Does anybody?" I half smiled. He grinned back.


"Um, where you headed?" I attempted to make light conversation. The plane began to gain speed.

"Visit my sister," Hyde replied. "You?"

"Home," I answered. "Well, back to my school. I guess it could be called home for now."

He chuckled. I wondered if it was really funny or if he was just.....I interrupted my own thoughts, briefly reaching into my purse and tossing some gum in my mouth. "Helps with the popping," I said quickly. I didn't have to say that, I scolded myself.

"Really?" Did he truly not know or was he simply trying to make conversation?

"Yeah; you want a piece?"

"Sure," he shrugged. I grabbed another and handed him one. I couldn't help feel a slight heat wash over my cheeks as his fingers brushed over mine.

The plane quickened it's pace for a final push, breaking into the sky. My eyes turned to the window pane as the world got smaller and smaller, clouds drifting lazily by. "It's amazing...." I murmured, looking at the tiny, doll-like scenery below. I couldn't help but be amazed by it every time I flew.

"We look sort of like ants, don't we?" muttered Hyde, glancing around me a bit to look.

I laughed mildly, my gaze still lingering on the landscape until the white-wash of a thick layer of cotton clouds blocked out any sight of the earth.

This was going to be an interesting flight.

The End

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