10. Seat Stealer

Typical! I left my seat for five minutes and then some joker nabs it. As I strode down the aisle to give him a piece of my mind, a flight attendant walks out in front of me. Right in front of me! She didn’t even turn her head to apologise when I nearly toppled on one of the already seated passengers. No, instead she sauntered towards the joker as if the aisle was a catwalk.


I was left to mutter a half-hearted sorry to the elderly passenger I had almost squished. Surprisingly he waved my apologies away and said “it’s okay, no harm done.” I had to stifle the urge to say that there would be if that dude didn’t evacuate my seat immediately. Instead I plastered on a smile and said that I’d better get going before the flight took off. Besides, I didn’t want to stick around for the war stories. I was going to University in less than three days! I so didn’t need this hassle.


The airhostess was just leaving as I approached my occupied seat. She had a look of frustration fixed on her face, but I could totally tell that she was showing off her cleavage while she was scolding him. No doubt she’d be back before the end of this flight with her number. Nevertheless, the guy was hot even if he did steal my seat.


I spoke in the nicest possible voice that I could manage. "Excuse me; I think you’re in my seat." I think you’re in my seat? You are in my seat, my brain screamed. I think I startled him because he practically fell out of it. Then he saw me and I swear that he started to drool. Great, I thought. So it was going to be one those flights. How wrong I was!

The End

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