8. Smooth Moves


 Flying had never been my favourite thing to do. My ears would pop and ring for days after we'd landed sometimes, but I guess that's what happens when your little sis lives halfway across the world. Lots of unpleasant plane rides and lots of jet lag to deal with. That, also, was not my favourite thing.

            My favourite things include cars, working on cars, the smell of gasoline, and Lemon Jolly Ranchers...Until they stopped making them, which had me depressed for about a month.

            I only had one bag with me when I boarded the plane, and it wasn't because I was packing light. I had never had a lot of money to me. Pay checks were usually spent on fixing cars that I was working on outside of my job as a mechanic, or on miscellaneous things that I really didn't need. So, there fore, I didn't have a lot to bring with me.

            Jessamine was my baby sister, and that's who I was going to see. She moved away a couple years ago on a scholarship to some fancy school, and I hadn't seen her since. This was what I'd been waiting for all year; a chance to see my favourite girl in the world.

            I board the plane and find my seat. And, of course, a lady with a screaming baby is sitting right across the isle from me. I don't have a problem with babies or women who have them, but for the love of God, why must you bring your baby here? And to all those babies out there; stop crying! Screaming your head off isn't gonna make you, or anyone else, feel any better.

            I'm brought back to my senses when an explosion of grandma panties and very large panties fall onto some girl up ahead of me. She seemed to be struggling with a large bag, so I make my way over to her, unable to hold back the amusement in my voice.

            "Umm, need some help?" I ask pushing the bag up into the overhead compartment. Meanwhile, the little old lady was scrambling to retrieve her bloomers from the floor. The girl shook herself and let the rest of the panties that hung off her shoulders and head fall to the floor.

            If you cheeks got any hotter, I'd assume they'd light on fire.

            "Wow," she recovered after a long moment of awkward silence on her part. "Last time I help a little old lady with her bag!" she pushed her hair out of her face and looked up at me. "Thanks for helping, although it didn't make me look any smoother."

            "Some like it rough."

             She laughed a little, and smiled "I'm Louisa."

"Hyde," I told her shortly and stood to the side of the isle. The announcement for passengers to take their seats came onto the PA. I held out my hand towards her and grinned at her.

"May I help you to your seat?"


The End

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