6. Travel Companions



Still laughing at the antics of the guy called Noah, I glanced at my seat by the window. I had to move past the tall, handsome guy sitting in the aisle seat to reach it and despite my best efforts, my knees did knock with his. Apologizing, I placed my patent leather Gucci handbag on the seat before taking off my trench coat and folding it over my arm. I settled myself in and then partially turned towards my companion for the rest of the flight.

"So, you're certain that you don't want me to swap seats with your brother? I mean, I wouldn't mind in the least."

His brilliant blue eyes crinkling, Chris, or so I remembered from his conversation with his brother, laughed and shook his head. "I would mind it if you swapped seats with him. And I'm sure you will too." Seeing my cocked brow, he grinned and continued, "I doubt that he's in First Class. I'm surprised that he was even allowed on board."

Laughing at his own comment, he turned in his own seat and extended his hand towards me. "I'm Chris. Chris Anderson. And you are?"

"Alex Gold."


Seeing his quizzical expression, I smiled at the reaction that I was now quite used to receiving, and said, "It's actually Alexandra but I prefer to be addressed as Alex."

"Oh...okay. Nice name."

At his wry expression, I couldn't help but smile and said, "Yeah, I think so too."

Turning my attention back to my handbag, I undid the clasp and rummaged through the organized clutter inside. Retrieving the paperback that I was presently engrossed in, I kept it aside and plunged inside the bag for a second time. Gazing secretly at my side to make sure that Chris wasn't looking at me, I stole a glance in my compact mirror to check my appearance. Satisfied with what I saw, I quickly fastened the clasp of the bag and set it in the corner.

Picking up the book, I made myself comfortable as I opened it to the bookmarked page. Just as I had done that, my Minnie Mouse bookmark slipped out and floated to the floor of the airplane. I shifted in my seat to crouch to the floor, but Chris beat me to it. He picked up the bright pink scrap and looked at it with a grin.

"So, Minnie Mouse, huh?" he said as he sat back in his seat and thoroughly examined the cheerful face and enlarged ears of the cartoon character.

"Yeah, well I'm a fan."

Handing it back to me, he smiled at me and exclaimed in a dramatic whisper, "This is going to be a fun ride."


The End

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