3. Meeting Family


Noah Anderson

I stepped onto the plane, and winked at the air hostess. She blushed and smiled at me. Taking my ticket from me she pointed down the aisle.

"Down there, to your left." She said to me, not meeting my eyes. 

"Thanks, sweet cheeks." I said with a grin, then without looking back stormed towards my seat. 

God, I hadn't been on a plane in a while. This was going to be fun. Nine hours as well. Now, where had she said? 


I turned round and stopped in my tracks. Woah, no way. 

"Chris? What are you doing? Wait, let me guess. Off to see Fat Sam and Grace." I laughed. "No way, me too!" 

"Some one kill me now. Who let you on this plane?" He lifted his head, and sighed. I laughed. Always the same. Just then a girl stopped in front of me. She looked to the seat to my left and tried to squeeze past.

"Erm, excuse me." She said to me. 

"Sorry, erm are you alone? Mind swapping seats, so I can sit next to my big bro?" I asked her. She looked unsure looking at me to my brother.

"Honestly, do me a favour and decline." Chris stated. 

"Come on, Chris. Don't be like that. I've not seen you in ages, I want to know how you've been." I moaned. 

"Listen, I don't want to get in the way-" the girl started.

"Great, then that's settled. Were swapping." I said with a big grin. 

"No. Your not. Let the girl sit down, Noah." Chris snapped."Look your causing a queue!" 

"Sorry." The girl said apologetically. "Big brother wins." 

I sighed. Great.

"Nice to see you too, Chris."

I stormed up the aisle, and fell into my seat. God, what was wrong with him. Last time I had saw him was about a seven months ago ago, when he left for university. 

"Didn't want to sit with you any way!" I shouted down the plane. I heard the girl laugh, and my face went bright red. I would get him back when we arrived at Grace's. 

I couldn't wait to get there. I hadn't seen her in ages or Sam. She had seemed delighted when I had rang her telling her I was coming home for Christmas. Though she hadn't mentioned anything about Chris coming too. 

I hadn't even known we were in the same town. I would have met up with him if I'd known. Then again, I don't know if he would have wanted too. Shame to say, I irritated him too much as a kid.

But that's what younger brothers were for, hey? To wind up their older ones. 



The End

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