2. Going Back Home

Alexandra Gold : Call me Alex!!


Despite wearing two layers of warm clothing and my favorite Burberry trench to top them off, I felt a chill run down my spine. Rubbing my cold hands together, I sat in the waiting lounge, looking at the typical scenes of frantic departures. A couple was counting their luggage and seemed to have something missing because the woman appeared to be in tears. Her partner was trying to soothe her but to no avail. He caught my eye and his sheepish smile was evidence of how helpless he felt. Smiling back at him, I looked away so I wasn't caught snooping again.

Dad had told me to stay away from other people's business, but this little piece of advice had never really gotten through my head. I felt connected to everyone and felt that the world was one big playground and that we were all in it to play together. My naivety, as my mother liked to remark, was not only foolish but could possibly be dangerous. And being the youngest in the family, I was still regarded as a child who couldn't really take care of herself.

Looks like I did just fine for myself, Dad, I thought to myself as I recalled the intense scenes from three years back when I had decided to go away for college. The entire family had stood as one against my decision, but it had been me who had turned out to be the one with the obstinate streak in the end. With a heavy heart, they had agreed to allow me to go thousands of miles across the country. But now the time had come for me to go back home. The place that I had missed the most even during the happiest times at college.

But I still had over nine hours to kill before I got to meet Mom, Dad, Jonah and Neil. And the wait was driving me insane. Evin, my roommate and best friend from college, had dropped me off at the airport nearly an hour back and I had since been waiting and twiddling my thumbs in the first class lounge. And as I impatiently looked around the waiting lounge, my gaze fell on a boy who looked to be my age, winking at a pretty girl passing by. I smiled inwardly as I noticed that she giggled at him. The world was well when there were people still willing to smile and laugh with each other, I thought as I eased back in the comfortable seat for the loudspeaker to announce that boarding had begun.

The End

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