Airborne Love Stories

Just like the the title says, this is about an inflight romance that has more to do then just champagne with the person sitting on the seat next to you. This is not your typical romance story so go ahead and click the it I dare ya! :D

Hello there fellow Protagonizer! How has your Protag-surfing been faring today? Very well, I hope so! :)

Well we welcome you to our collaboration...Airborne Love Story! We really hope you enjoy reading it. If you're a romantic, I'm quite confident at the fact that you'll love this collab. :) Now, now, it has come to the time for me to present're awesome authors! :)


Lexiehar (otherwise known as Lex)! Just a shorty from Who Knows Where? 

Xenie (the wolf of the sky)! Just a ragamuffin from The Heights Of Imagination

ZillaGirl (the writing beast)! Just a bird from Secret Gardens, U.S

Spiderwebz (Lindsay Sanderson)! A 15-year old chick from Uxbridge, Canada

Murphy (the happy person)! A 20-year old male from 'Out There Beyond The Wall', United States

Emptyanima (Rebekah)! A 15-year old girl from 'Between Two Covers', United Kingdom

Weirdmagic (Namrata Sehgal)! A 23-year old femme from Lucknow, India

VictoriaGrace (Victoria Kidd)! A 17-year old woman from Mighty Mighty Manchester, United Kingdom

and lastly, me (Trish Anna Emmanuel)! A 13-year old girl from the other side of no where

That's the crew of awesome writers people!

Lex, ZillaGirl, Weirdmagic, and Emptyanima will be writing the views of four women!

And VictoriaGrace, Spiderwebz, Murphy and I will be writing the views of four men!

(don't let the way I talk freak you away from reading this collab. :D)


Read away pal!

Airborne Love Stories crew,

Lex, VictoriaGrace,  ZillaGirl, Spiderwebz, Murphy, emptyanima, weirdmagic, and Trish!

The End

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