Stormy InjuriesMature

John Jackson

This is a bad idea, is all I am capable of thinking when I am told we are ehaded towards to storm. Never mind it being one of the worst storms I have seen, half the crew are hung over! yet, as usual, the mere cabin boys views are ignored. I growl quietly as I get above deck, just in time to see a flying lantern thwack Katrin hard on the back of the head.

She goes down quickly and I rush over to her, Abigale rushing after me nervously. I quickly pick Katrin up and turn, almost bumping into Abigale as I do.

"Out of my way!" I growl, fear for the blood leaking out of the back of Katrins head causing my tone to turn snappish. I don't stay long enough to truly see the look of astonished shock on Abigale's face before I am rushing through the gails and towards the deck, running up to Katrins room and laying her on her bed.

It only takes about five minutes for her to wake up but during that time, I turn into a nervous wreck.

I begin pacing the room, I don't know healing or how to fix wounds. And Katrin is severely injured. I f I had gotten up to the deck only a couple of seconds sooner, I could have saved her. I could have warned her. Now she is going to die, or have brain damage all because I couldn't save her.

A slight squeak from the door pauses me half pace. Abigale is standing in the doorway, eyeing me warily.

"Sorry for snapping at you." I say shortly, taking a seat next to Katrins bed. "I was just worried."

"I could see that." She answers, her eyes staying down as she walks to the back of the room, taking the only other seat. I frown slightly as I turn back to Katrina, I have never seen Abigales eyes, despite being around her all day, she has never looked up long enough for me to notice hem.

Katrin moves slightly, groaning. All thoughts of Abigail leave my mind as I turn to the beautiful Katrin instead. Slowly, she opens her eyes and looks up to mine, a smile graces her lips and I smile back eagerly. Her wonderful sharp green eyes flicker to the back of the room where Abigale is sitting. A scowl crosses the beautiful face but she covers it up and looks back to me.

Hope rises in my chest, Maybe, since the captain isn't here to help her, she will realise her feelings for me!

"How's the ship holding up?" She asks, I keep my face neutral, squashing the sudden despair, instead I mask it into one of worry, A true worry I am experiencing as I allow the sounds of the battering wind and hail to re-reach my ears.

"uh... I'm not sure," I answer, silently cursing the nervousness in my voice.

A bolt of lightning strikes close to the window and then we are plunged into darkness.

It only takes a minute for the darkness to turn back into light, but the damage has been done. Water has begun to leak in through the slight gap under the door.

A gasp from the back of the room reminds me of the presence of another female. I turn to Abigale who is staring wide eyed at the water leaking in the room, true horror on her face.

Why jump a boat if she is scared of water? 

The End

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