Hoping for lightMature

I shivered against the cold wind that continued to slap my skin. I gritted my teeth against the rain and tied rope after rope, securing the mast. We might pick up some speed out of this at least. I gazed up at the sky as I saw a folk of lighting touch the sea, causing a mass of waves to rise. I braced myself against the side of the ship and felt water fly over me. The water quickly flowed off the deck and back into the sea but something about that lighting hadn't felt right. I pushed the suspicious thought aside. Only seamen doomed to die believed in such things as magic. The ship shuddered as it recovered from the tidal wave and only one lantern was left barely flickering. I yelled to the boatswains, telling them to light as many as they could. I could see objects rising before us. We needed light if we were going to have a hope of navigating through the rocks. I watched as everyone rushed but everything was soaked, including the lighters. I gritted my teeth, contemplating an easier option to create light. But no, it was too dangerous, whenever I tried people got hurt. And I'd captained this ship all these years and never had to call on it. I wasn't going to start now. Even if part of me was screaming at me that this storm was not natural.

The End

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