Seeing the girl shiver I laugh. Good. I'm still planning what to do about her. I think about asking Sarah, she could come up with a great plan, but I'm afraid she might be to loyal to the captain. So I'm on my own.

I squint at the sky, just now noticing the dark clouds. This storm looks nasty. Knowing the Captian has already prepared the crew and shop, I don't say anything. Just look at the sky.

Before I know it, I'm slammed to the ground. My hand flies to the back of my head and I feel blood. Then I faint.

When I wake up, I see John sitting by my bed. I smile up at him. He's a sweet boy. Then I notice the girl in the background and scowl. What is she doing here? I decide to ignore her and turn back to John.

"How's the ship holding up?" I ask, knowing that we must be in the middle of the storm by now.

His face looks worried as he reports, " Um, I'm not sure.."

Just then, I see a bolt of lightning.

And then everything's black.

The End

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