"Do they fit?" John yelled from outside the door to the storage cupboard. I tugged the trousers on and looked down at myself. The shirt arms were a little too short but other than that I looked fine and possibly more like a sailor. I strapped the sword belt round my waist and the gun belt beneath my shirt. 

I stepped out. "Do I look okay?" I ask. John turned to look at me blinking making me frown. "Do I look okay or not?" I repeat. John blushed and looked at me smiling.

"Yeah, sorry, you look great" he laughed. "I'll get those clothes washed for you. Sorry for letting you fall"

I shrug when suddenly Christian comes down below the deck. "Oh here is where you two are. I thought you were washing the side of the ship"

"I accidentally sent Abigale for a little swim" John says. "Sorry, Captain"

"No problem and its good you didn't finish your job cause it would of been a waste of time" the Captain sighs rubbing his temple. I frown at it because it seems like he's always rubbing his head. "Ugh, this damn hangover"

"It was a great party last night, Captain" John laughs but I see the absence of a sparkle in his eyes. I don't look directly into them of course. I never do because I'm scared of what could happen after the years of magic that's laced in my blood and now glowing in my eyes.

"Yeah" Christian mutters but guilt flashes across his face. "John, teach Abigale to bind a not then take her up to secure the sails.

"Yes, Captain" John says nodding then gesturing I should follow but as I pass Christian I can't help but stop. 

"A mixture of herbs will help that headache" I whisper then dash off before I can cause further embarrassment to myself. I find John waiting on deck holding rope but he's not looking out for me. 

"That's one bad storm" he whispers. I look over and pale. The magic drifting through the wind tingles on my skin. Oh gosh... I think but no way can I tell them.

The End

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