Dead AheadMature

Captain Christian Watson

I felt a little guilty when I saw Katrin's eyes turn watery. But I really wasn't in the mood. This was supposed to be a simple trip, nothing complicated. And my head was all over the place this morning. I was still hungover with a bad headache and now I had the image of that beautiful creature ingrained in my memory. I couldn't turn it off. I honestly wanted nothing more than to hold her. Because I suspect that something bad happened to her. I grew up on the streets, I know that there's a lot of cruel things heartless people can do.

Captain! I think you should look at this” I glanced up at the sound of Derek's voice, it was all serious and his blue eyes looked strained. I followed him to the wheel.

What's wrong?” I asked, not wanting to beat around the bush.

Dead ahead sir, nasty storm clouds” Derek replied, pointing towards the sky. Menacing grey and black clouds unfurled wildly above, as I watched them I saw a fork of lighting strike the sea below. The thundering and the sound of unsettled waves reached my ears seconds later.

Can we go round it?” I asked.

Yeah, but then we'll be late by two, maybe three days. I don't know if we have the provisions” I hesitated before responding. I knew I was in no state of mind to make a decision, but I knew this ship well.

She can handle it, the ships has seen worse storms. Keep going. It'll calm down eventually” I hoped my gut instict was right in this instance.

I'll go pre-warn the rest of the crew” I said, slapping his back lightly and wishing him luck.

The End

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